Ellen and Naomi

The friendship started years ago in a hotel room in Barcelona. Ellen and Naomi had both made the Dutch National Field Hockey team. The training camp was in Barcelona. Naomi was already there when Ellen arrived, Ellen had to finish her school exams and came later. The two knew who each other from the hockey world  but had never personally met. Ellen was to share a room with Naomi. Knock on the door “Hi, I’m Ellen, Hi I’m Naomi” that’s all it took, a lifelong friendship was born. The first night was a lot of talk and little sleep (not very handy when you have to train hard the next day!) This was only the start of the many adventures they would share. With the Dutch National team, they travelled to amazing places together winning European titles (Dublin 2005, Amsterdam 2009 and Monchengladbach 2011) World titles (Madrid 2006 and Den Hague 2014). Three times to Olympic games; Beijing 2008 gold medal winner, London 2012 gold medal winner and Rio 2016 where they won silver.


E&N brand

As professional athletes, Ellen and Naomi lived in their track suits for the past 12 ½ years. Even though they are not training at the top level anymore they still wear track suits for sport and leisure. Why not follow a new dream and start our own active wear brand? The material must be comfortable and stylish. High quality for high performance. Active wear for sporty girls with girl power. Girls who love sports, fun, fashion and color. A collection that can be worn on the sport field, at school, to chill in or to make the ultimate tik tok video!

After many drawings, color choices, fabric samples, trial and error they finally launched their new line. Two girls who love field hockey have grown up and know exactly what fits well and looks good. They call their active wear clothing line E&N.